Fallen Leaves Cowl

The weather is changing here a lot. Recently in the summer holiday, we hit more than 40 degrees Celcius, to hot to do anything constructive, and now the kids have to get back to school and it is a whopping 20 degrees… Time for a cozy but stylish cowl. It’s no secret that I love a simple lace pattern and easy knit to achieve a beautiful piece. This time I was wondering if I could make that happen. After a few test swatches, I came up with the idea of the fallen leaves cowl.  Fallen Leaves Cowl is a comfy cowl to wear when the weather is getting colder. This cowl was inspired by the fallen leaves in autumn when you just want to wrap yourself in a comfy cowl to keep your neck nice and warm, also perfect to wear just as an accessory in your wardrobe.
This piece has textured ribbed edges and a lace(y) body, which is made from eyelets and decreases, a simple yet elegant design.
What makes it perfect for easy going knitting with enough interest to make it an engaging knit.
This is a written pattern, and that is also within reach of an adventurous new cowl knitter if knitted a few pieces before.